Case 5: Increasing value realization through active project portfolio management

Background and challenge

The Client is a major healthcare organization. Their ICT department had struggled for years with inefficient project deliveries to hospitals and decreasing customer satisfaction. They had initiated several projects to improve the situation, but had so far failed to deliver the intended impact from these initiatives.

Our role and approach

We supported the Client to establish a change management program to gather and strengthen the project portfolio as a whole and improve individual projects. We started by establishing a clear target for the program and a detailed roadmap for how to reach those targets. Then, together with the top-level management group, we critically evaluated each existing project on parameters such as strategic value contribution and target realization. Furthermore, we clarified responsibility of portfolio management in the Client organization and thus strengthened collaboration between projects and the Line organization.


Our work resulted in a significant reduction of the number of concurrent projects, which contributed to increased focus and efficiency in the truly critical projects. We did this with the support from the Client’s project resources. Strategic decisions that were politically sensitive were approved because we had laid the foundation carefully, based on deep analysis and understanding of the Client’s context.


“Your contributions are insightful and make us think differently about how to solve our issues – which has proven to be highly valuable in situations where we think we’ve tried everything.”
– Top-level manager


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