Case 4: Transforming clinical treatment in health care

Background and challenge

The Client is a large hospital group with 20.000 employees and more than 1.2 million patient treatments a year. One of the clinics had seen a significant growth in patient referrals over the past years. Both the waiting lists and waiting time had grown rapidly, while the clinic had experienced occupancy of 27% above the capacity. Even though operating well above -occupancy, they had to decline 60% of all referrals.

Our role and approach

We served the clinic in shaping two projects to transform their clinical treatment and free up capacity to treat more patients. One project targeted waiting lists to reduce the waiting time. The other project established a team that offers treatment in the patient’s own environment. Our consultants articulated clear and ambitious targets; established KPIs with continuous measurement; implemented reporting routines; developed communication strategies and created functional steering groups that actively guided the projects toward their goals. We secured alignment with key stakeholders and a substantial momentum through tailored and targeted communication in the early phases.


The projects eliminated over-occupancy within the first three months. This resulted in a decrease of declined referrals from 60% to 10%. The number of patients treated at any time increased by 21% in the first year and continued to rise thereafter. The hospital’s CEO highlighted one of the projects as best practice in documenting a crucial need, articulating a clear approach and rapidly achieving improved quality and service. As a result, he granted the clinic a substantial budget increase for further improvements.


“The consultants from Agnus Consulting knew health care so well that they really understood our daily work and grasped our challenges. They gave us fresh perspectives and solutions that we did not think of ourselves. We have adopted several of their tools and methods for project management.”
– Head of section and project manager


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