Case 3: Transforming IT processes to secure stable, reliable service

Background and challenge

The Client is a full-range supplier of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services. They were experiencing several defects in operations, which caused downtime on ICT services that were critical to their customers’ productivity, service quality and financial results. The defects were caused by insufficient analysis of consequences, lacking understanding of end-to-end processes by many technical personnel, and reactive rather than proactive attitudes. Additionally, the Client suffered from outdated equipment, inadequate documentation and a high rate of change.

Our role and approach

A project group consisting of resources from the Client, guided by our consultants, systematically worked to analyze defects, testing of hypotheses and process analysis. Through root cause analysis, we identified the larger categories of sources of defects. In the course of the work, we developed and initiated more than 100 concrete corrective actions. Some of these corrective actions were implemented by the project. Others were delegated to the Line organization and followed up by the project group. We also developed and implemented a campaign to strengthen the desired mindsets in the organization. Through close dialogue with employees at many levels, we improved processes, ensured compliance with established procedures and strengthened the understanding of end-to-end processes among the employees.


Our contribution resulted in a 38% decline in critical defects within three months. By uncovering and addressing the underlying causes of observed defects, we put in place a solid foundation for further reduction in defect frequency. By strengthening the desired mindsets, we enabled the organization to drive further improvements independently.


“With support from Agnus Consulting, we truly understood what was keeping us from achieving our targets. Their rigorous search for root causes helped us invest in interventions that really made a difference.”
– Director, ICT


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