Case 2: Boosting capability building in a global energy organization

Background and challenge

The Client is a leading global energy company with activities in more than 20 countries. Their rapid global expansion demanded new standardized approaches to training across borders. The Client therefore needed to analyze and improve their existing portfolio of training programs across the organization.

Our role and approach

We analyzed the existing approach to training and leadership development and pinpointed the main pain points. These included fragmented and overlapping offerings, lack of clarity around which offerings were fit-for-purpose, difficulties understanding the offerings, difficulties signing up for an offering and limited ability to track participation. The root cause of these pain points was the lack of clarity regarding roles, responsibilities and processes to develop and deliver the appropriate training and leadership development at point of need. We therefore designed a new learning organization, clarified roles, articulated organizational interfaces, strengthened governance to foster effective collaboration and implemented a new systems solution to improve user experience.


The new learning organization and systems solution was implemented with strong support from the group management. The performance and the standing of the HR-unit improved as the function was viewed as a strategic enabler for corporate management. The new systems solution has allowed the organization to roll out critical programs, such as anti-corruption campaigns, effectively.


“The project has created a new benchmark in the organization. We could never have done this alone. Thank you for your valuable support.”
– Member of corporate management


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