Case 1: Organizational and leadership change: raising the game of the ICT organization

Background and challenge

The Client is a major healthcare organization. Their ICT department, which consists of more than 600 employees, was experiencing difficulties in reaching their targets. Their lack of results was rooted in variable leadership quality, unclear roles and responsibilities and an organizational structure that was no longer closely connected to the core processes.

Our role and approach

Our consultants led the process of developing and implementing a new organization model for the Client’s ICT department. An important part of the process was the element of leadership development that took place. It is Agnus’ strong belief that developing leaders to support the organizational changes that are taking place is crucial for success. We focused on coaching individual leaders, clarifying roles and responsibilities, and introducing clear targets for each leader and each division.


The Client’s Operating Committee has given very positive feedback on the way process was led and performed. They have indicated that the organizational change Agnus Consulting has guided this department through, has provided a significantly improved clarity for the organization and increased the Operating Committee’s confidence that the ICT department is now well equipped to continuously develop in line with the broader organization’s needs and demands. The Client is currently operating in a more efficient manner because each individual leader now has increased clarity about targets, roles, responsibilities and cooperation with other leaders to deliver agreed results.


“With support from Agnus Consulting, we made real progress in our core operations, which is to deliver secure and stable ICT services.”
– Director, ICT


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