Case 7: Leadership development to accelerate transformational change in a life sciences company

Background and challenge

This global life sciences company decided, strategically, to move to a new business model leveraging global shared services. This approach represented a break with the earlier way of doing business and, as such, represented a substantial culture challenge and a demanding leadership challenge for the organization.

Our role and approach

We identified the need for new mindsets and behaviors and devised a leadership development program for key leaders in the shared services organization. Starting from the top, we rolled out this leadership development program strengthening the participants’ ability to lead themselves, lead their teams and lead the organization. Topics covered include understanding the strategic context, inspiring my people, identifying the strengths of my unique leadership style, crafting the change story, delivering the change story, understanding and mobilizing my network, building alliances, mobilizing the organization and realizing the value.


Impact includes a strengthened and more unified leadership team with greater resolve, enhanced capabilities to lead the change, more rapid transformation, stronger and more trust-based relationships between the shared services organization and the business units.


“The leadership development program has been instrumental in our transformation journey. We would not have achieved success without it.”
– Shared service center leader


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