Case 6: Guiding leadership development, globally

Background and challenge

The Client is a global, premier management consulting firm that recognized the need for increased strength and clarity in their leadership development programs.

Our role and approach

One of our consultants served as a board member in the Client’s global board of leadership development. The board guides the development of approximately 1000 leaders throughout the organization. As a board member, we contributed to defining vision, setting direction, articulating targets and ensuring strong accountability. We also contributed to the development of policies and followed up on the results of all leadership development programs that the board was responsible for. Agnus Consulting was responsible for and took the lead role in several projects to strengthen various aspects of leadership development in this organization.


In the period we had a seat on the board, the Client saw a very positive development. The whole organization has been strengthened through our leadership development program initiatives. The participating leaders now have a higher degree of clarity and an increased ability to carry initiatives through to reach desired end results.


“Agnus Consulting has provided innovative perspectives throughout our collaboration. Their people always strive to raise quality and impact yet another notch. Through years of working with them, they have always delivered on these high aspirations. They stretch and challenge and inspire us.”
– Global Learning Lead


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