Case 5: Accelerating digital transformation in a global media company

Background and challenge

The Client is an international media group with 7.000 employees and a presence in more than 40 countries. Moving from traditional print media, the company now engages over 200 million unique users monthly worldwide. The Client found that in order to play a larger role globally and to meet increasing competition from digitally native competitors they had to increase their competence in digital leadership, including data analytics.

Our role and approach

With our international network of leading experts in data analytics and digital transformation, combined with our deep knowledge of the Client, we analyzed their needs and developed concrete recommendations for capability building. We developed a customized training program to rapidly increase the level of digital competence among 300 senior leaders. A key part of this training program was involved catalyzing ideation among executives. In this way, the training produced more than 100 ideas for digitally enabled value creation.


The project has already delivered value for the Client in three important areas. First, it has increased the momentum in the company’s digital transformation by aligning the leadership. Second, it has revealed several opportunities that exist for further growth. Third, the project has enabled the Client leaders to communicate more clearly with the organization, now that there is a deeper common understanding of the terminology, frameworks and methodology.


“This is the best leadership development I have participated in. It has been inspiring and thought provoking.”
– Participant


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