Case 3: Strengthening case-based leadership development

Background and challenge

The Client is a global research university, with more than 5 000 members of faculty and staff. They approached Agnus with the desire to develop a complex practice case to be used in leadership development. Participants practice the skills of communication, influence and conviction in sensitive situations.

Our role and approach

Agnus developed a complex practice case through close dialogue with the Client and careful assessment of their needs. Accompanied by coaching, we worked out teaching resources to enable them to deliver this case for several hundred leaders. The case is conducted with a significant element of teamwork and role play. It is currently used in training programs six times per year, as a collaboration between Agnus Consulting and resources from the Client.


Feedback from several hundred leaders who have worked with this case clearly shows its impact: Participants have improved their ability to map stakeholders and analyze their needs, tailor their argumentation to fit the stakeholders’ needs, establish a good procedure in sensitive communication, enhance relations with the stakeholders they seek to persuade, utilize a powerful toolbox for influence, build alliances and thereby ensure greater impact in their communication.


“In all of my experience delivering similar cases with a wide variety of faculty colleagues, I’ve yet to find anyone with a stronger combination of deep subject matter expertise, professionalism, and personal charisma.”
– Participating professor


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