Case 2: Leadership program with measurable impact

Background and challenge

The Client is a global research university, with more than 5 000 members of faculty and staff and 12 000 students. To further strengthen their educational offerings, they asked Agnus Consulting to collaborate with the Business School to develop an executive education program aimed at senior managers. The purpose of the program is to strengthen these managers’ leadership abilities, especially within the areas of diagnosing challenges, developing a vision, establishing a plan for reaching that vision, and mobilizing stakeholders to execute the plan.

Our role and approach

In addition to developing an educational program for the Client, Agnus Consulting assisted in recruiting professors from the university and coaching them to enable them to conduct this program six times per year. Over a period of two years we developed the educational concept and the material needed to further strengthen the effect of these teachings.


More than 200 senior managers have undergone the program. As a result, these leaders are now making better decisions faster and carrying them out with greater force. In a feedback survey conducted for the program of June 2013, participants scored the question “Was this program a beneficial way for me to spend my time?” with an average of 6.6 points out of a possible 7.0. A survey conducted three months after one of the conducts reported that 88% of the participating senior managers now performed their work with greater force and impact. As a consequence of these positive results, the Client has renewed their contract with Agnus Consulting in the area of leadership development.


“Agnus Consulting provided an uncommon ability to excel in vision and the painstaking details of execution, at the same time. This skill makes them an outstanding asset in any critical management decision setting.”
– Participating professor


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