Case 1: Strategic leadership program to invest in the post-crisis future

Background and challenge

The Client is a global company in the hospitality industry, with headquarters in Europe and the U.S., and more than 5,000 employees. To strengthen the organization and build a robust platform for post-covid-19 success, the Client asked Agnus Consulting to tailor a strategic leadership development program for the top leadership teams both in Europe and Asia, covering Executive Director, Managing Director, Vice Presidents, Senior Directors and Directors.

Our role and approach

Agnus Consulting conducted the program in two phases: an initial diagnostic phase followed by an execution phase. Through digesting the insights from the diagnostic phase, the leadership team not only gained deep shared understanding of individual and collective leadership development needs, but also of key areas in the organization that required strengthening. As a result, the leadership team strongly committed to the execution phase that included three initiatives to strengthen the leadership team and the organization.


As a result of the leadership program, the leaders achieved clear, inspiring mindset and behavior shifts individually and collectively. The leadership team developed a new shared vocabulary, shared frameworks and a higher level of expectations of one another, and was better equipped to improve the performance of their respective functional areas given the investment that had been made to boost their individual and collective leadership capabilities. In a feedback survey conducted among the senior leaders on the collective leadership development program, leaders scored the question “What was the “value for time spent”?” with an average of 4.7 points out of a possible 5.0. Leaders rated the individual leadership development program with an average of 4.7 points out of a possible 5.0.


“This is the broadest ranging leadership program I have seen, both in terms of levels of people encompassed and range of material covered. It was done with true partnership, applying unblinking honesty in feedback delivered with exceptionally high EQ and backed up by strong commitment to the team’s success. It has effected a transformation within the team at many levels. The Agnus Consulting team always role-modelled what they taught both in terms of behaviors and output. They flexed with our team on topics and priorities as they lived through the covid-19 crisis with us. I can unreservedly recommend the Agnus Consulting team to any business leader.”
– Managing Director


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