An ode to Hong Kong – my new home town

January 5th, 2017   •   no comments   

By Tor Mesoy

An ode to Hong Kong – my new home town


I recently celebrated the end of my first year as a resident of Hong Kong. Over this period, the place has truly become home to me. My fondness for this truly cosmopolitan metropolis grows ever deeper. What a fantastic location for engaging in professional activities … and enjoying life!


Where else could I take the ferry to work and hear a dozen different languages spoken? Where else could I enjoy such superb hiking terrain – within 15 minutes’ travel from the city center – including pristine beaches, rocky crags and fragrant pine forest? Where else could I engage in people-watching from a sidewalk café and then engage in wildlife observation shortly thereafter – enjoying wild boars, monkeys, pink dolphins and more? Where else could I enjoy such a diversity of architecture – ranging from the gleaming skyscrapers in the financial district to the quaint cabins in the fishing villages? Where else could I enjoy the combination of a high-energy urban buzz and the quiet of paddling an outrigger on the water while observing kingfishers, egrets and herons? Where else could I enjoy such a variety of food – whether it be in the myriad restaurants or in the well-stocked wet markets?


I am in awe of my new home town! Thanks to the wonderful locals who have crafted such a wonderful environment!


My friends in Hong Kong will nod in recognition at the photos below.


To my readers who have not yet visited our fair city: I hope the photos will inspire you to plan your first visit!


Below: The Hong Kong that most people know – spectacular skyscrapers on the waterfront


Below: The less-well-known Hong Kong: quaint fishing village Tai O


Below: Dolphins observed by the island of Lantau – when it gets hot, they shed heat by “blushing” (sending blood to the outer layers of their skin) – hence they sometimes look pink


Below: From the beach in Discovery Bay – preparing for a peaceful trip on the water



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