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Supporting youths to strengthen their presence

March 27th, 2019   •   Uncategorized   •   no comments   

We are inspired and excited to continue our collaboration with Generation, as part of our overall social outreach program. Yesterday we conducted a session where we shared our insights with students from Generation and worked with them to help them strengthen their presence in job interviews and in daily interactions. We introduced two approaches to strengthen personal presence – “outside-in” and “inside-out”.

The “outside-in” approach suggests that some ‘power poses’ – like stretching our body or resting our hands on our hips, can make us feel more confident, calm, and composed when interacting with others.

The “inside-out” approach highlights the importance of being aware of our thoughts and mindsets, which often influence the way we act. In particular, it is important to be aware of limiting assumptions or less helpful mindsets and to get these under control.

We conducted several fun and interactive exercises with students where they practiced these two approaches. After the session, one student shared: “I find the inside-out approach very powerful as it allows me to get clearer on my intention and helps me to express it.”

A big “Thank You” to Generation for giving us the chance to engage with students in this way.  We also want to thank the participants for their great engagement.


Delivering opening keynote speech at the 2019 Chief Digital Officer Summit in Singapore

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Many organizations are making a bet on digital transformation.  The harsh reality is that around 70% of transformation programs fail. Every sponsor and program leader must understand the critical success factors of transformation to tilt the odds in their favour. Our Managing Director, Tor Mesoy, delivered the opening keynote address at the Chief Digital Officer Innovation Summit in Singapore and shared his perspective on what increases the success rate of transformations. The following videos give you an extract of the speech about three real transformation cases and the four success factors.


Sharing three real transformation stories:


Introducing four success factors of transformations:


If you are interested to explore more on transformation and leadership development, please feel free to reach out.