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Small steps lead to big changes

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Our team just finished a leadership development journey using PotentialLife’s behavioural change system (

We find the journey of staying SHARP deeply meaningful to unlock peak performance, i.e., exercise our Strengths, stay Healthy and energised, be Absorbed in what we are doing, maintain authentic and positive Relationships, and live Purposefully. We are delighted that our team scores are above the global average in all these aspects!

Below are some reflections from our team. If you are interested in exploring this journey with your team or organization, please contact us.

“Small steps lead to big changes. I really appreciate the data- and reflection-driven process, as it allows me to build new habits that are otherwise not easy to create.”
“A peer-supported learning environment not only makes change easier, but also makes our team stronger.”
“The deep sharing and reflection with team members makes me believe that it IS possible to achieve change even when the team members are not co-located.”
“I have probably read more than 100 related books and facilitated over 1000 sessions on similar topics, but I still find fresh angles from the online modules and discussions with my team. I never got bored as we went through the materials.”


Case Writing for Education and Leadership Development

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Our team member Keith Wong (@Keith on Linkedin, not applicable for company website) will be a panellist at the upcoming Case Teaching Conference (Dec 3, 2018) in the Chinese University of Hong Kong: Case-based Teaching in the Current Changing Higher Education Environment. At the conference, Keith will share his experience in developing cases for Harvard Business School and how C-suite executives can benefit from being involved in the exercise of writing such cases.

Formerly a senior researcher at Harvard Business School, Keith co-authored more than 30 business cases covering diverse industries such as real estates, grocery retail, internet services and hardware manufacturing across China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Among our clients we see rising interest in “cases” as a tool to capture organizational culture and memory, and to serve as a learning/teaching tool.  We regularly use such cases in our leadership development.  This conference is a great opportunity to share practices with the broader community. Contact us if you want to know more.


Supporting clients to be Agile

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Having lived in half a dozen countries on four continents, I know – deeply – that cultural differences matter. Still, many leadership precepts are universal. I love working with international teams, exploring how key leadership ideas can be applied in a sensitive, culturally relevant manner. In this week’s workshop in Bangkok we worked on Agile with an all-Thai team. Here from the discussion of the shift from an authority-based view of leadership to a partnership-based model.


Tor Mesoy

Nov 22, 2018


Supporting disconnected youth

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We really enjoyed yesterday’s time together with the Generation team and the students. Our team members Claire and Justin provided interview training to disconnected youth to prepare them for pursuing future jobs. One participant commented: “Your feedback really opens my eyes and provides a new perspective for me to see things through!” It is such a pleasure to see that this meaningful program continues to build momentum. We feel deeply honored to contribute to this great initiative! We already look forward to the next event. #generationhk


Justin was interviewing a student.


Giving back to the community by supporting disconnected youth

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Next week we will again be contributing to Generation. Generation is a nonprofit that helps bridge the unemployed young people and employers that can’t find people with the skills they need for entry-level jobs ( Really look forward to seeing the team again and working with this new cohort of students! We will be providing interview training and taking candidates through mock interviews. This is always energizing! #generationhk

Our team members Claire and Justin are preparing for the day. 😊


Hope for Justice Dinner

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Agnus Consulting is committed to creating a better work environment and society by growing the leadership capacity of individuals and organizations. As a contribution to creating a better society we have been supporting Hope for Justice, a nonprofit organization that aims to end modern slavery.

Yesterday, we were pleased to have Sondre Høysæter, Country Director of Hope for Justice Norway, join our team dinner. Sondre shared an overview of human trafficking globally. We are deeply inspired by his team’s contribution to preventing labor exploitation, rescuing victims, restoring lives, and reforming society. As a team we reflected on our observations in Hong Kong with a new perspective. #HopeforJustice